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Long-Term Experience

Dr. Peter Meuser & Associates are respected for completing thorough Forensic, Psychological, Family and Court Assessments throughout BC, the Yukon, and Haida Gwaii.

Qualified Team

Dr. Peter Meuser & Associates offer a broad range of service specialties including Psychology, Counselling, Social Work, Mediation, and Investigative Skills.

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Dr. Peter Meuser

Dr. Peter Meuser is a seasoned Registered Clinical Psychologist since 1979 (#489), licensed with the BCPA, CPBC, CPA, and CRHSP. He has offices in the BC Northwest and in Victoria, BC (Vancouver Island). Dr. Meuser specializes in Psychological Assessments, Addictions Assessment, Dispute Resolution, Trauma Debriefing, Hostage Negotiation and more. Pictured with his wonderful mother.