Our Services

  • Primarily, contract Psychological/Legal Assessments
  • Individual, Family, Marital & Addictions Counselling
  • Professional Mediation & Dispute Resolution
  • Certified Critical Incident Stress & Trauma Debriefing
  • Services to First Nation communities
  • Police / Crime Investigation, Police Hostage Negotiation

             Our specialized, Psychological/Legal Assessments include:

  • Section.211 (“s.211” – BC Family Law Act)  
  • “Views/Voice-of-the-Children” (VOC)
  • “Parental Capacity Assessment” (PCA)
  • “Parental-Alienation Syndrome” (PAS)
  • “Psychological” and “Risk” Evaluations
  • “Addictions” Assessments / Treatment / Training


Find out more about the specialized services offered by Dr. Peter Meuser and Associates Inc.

Our Services

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